• Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer Saves Laguna Lounge in NJ

    Earlier this month we shared that Laguna Lounge in NJ had been taken over by Spike TV's expert Jon Taffer, who saved the Puerto Rican night club from bankruptcy on the popular TV show Bar Rescue

    The show, which was shot in Jersey City, aired last night as episode 403 and was titled El Moronte!! The episode title was a play on a nickname Taffer jokingly gave to NJ bar owner Ivan Arroyo when he refused to hand management over to his two sons, Josh and Jeremiah.

    Drama ensues during the episode when the Bar Rescue team finds several health violations in the kitchen, management has problems with the staff and Arroyo learns the décor of his bar clashes with the theme he was going for. The first move to save the bar from going out of business was to close down the restaurant for the first night, when Taffer forced staff to clean up the NJ bar. 

    Since the ‘rescue’ the Puerto Rican Café & Rum Bar has been reopened as Tres Cuartos, which is an ode to the location’s three rooms,  which all now feature an authentic cigar-lounge  décor that is reminiscent of Old San Juan. The new menu features dishes that are just as authentic too! 

    Also check out this sneak peak of the episode on the NJ bar. Bar-owner Ivan Arroyo tells Bar Rescue about his life-long love for being a DJ and how that has influenced his work:  

    Check out the new cocktail and food menus too: 
    NJ Bar Tres Cuartos Cocktail Menu 
    NJ Bar Tres Cuartos Food Menu