• Kanye without Kim? West Makes Surprise Appearance at Lounge in Jersey City


    On Wednesday, October 29th, Kanye West surprised the crowd by making a guest appearance at The Dopeness, a self-proclaimed Mexican “Eatery, Lounge, Gallery, Boutique” in Downtown Jersey City.  With no Kim Kardashian in sight, “Yeezy” arrived just before the event began. 

    West was there to support his best friend’s daughter, Jahmila Sandifer, who he considers a pseudo-niece.  Sandifer, who goes by the stage name “Jay Hype”, made her showcase debut at The Dopeness’ monthly Wolf Juice hip-hop open mic showcase.  Sandifer chose to debut with her song titled, “K.O.W.”, which are Kanye Omari West’s initials.

    According to restaurant owner Jon Scanlon, West’s appearance lasted about 15 minutes. He was quickly escorted by his two bouncers to the back of the Jersey City lounge where he hugged and kissed Sandifer hello, watched her perform and made a quick exit.  

    "When he came, she stepped up to the plate and was phenomenal," said Earl Davis, who runs the monthly open-mic night. "It's just awesome that the universe was aligned right. And for this girl to choose to perform for us? It's a testament to the power of our culture. There is something special happening here." And by here, he of course means Jersey City!