• Prepare for a 10k Race in NJ

    How to Prepare for a 10K Race in NJ

    Race season will be here before you know it and it’s never too early to start training for those springtime runs! One local Jersey City race, the Newport 10K, is on the schedule for May 14th and we can’t wait to start training. We shared a few of our NJ fitness tips on how to prepare for 6.2-mile runs so that you’re race-ready. While these tips are 10K-specific, most of them can simply be adjusted for longer or shorter runs such as a 5K race in NJ, too!


    1. Make a Schedule

      Life in New Jersey is busy and can be hectic at times. It’s easy to push off your training schedule when other things come up and we challenge you not to let it fall to the wayside. When you’re training, every workout has a purpose; each one is important and shouldn’t be skipped.  Follow a training plan that fits into your work/life balance. Try giving yourself at least 10 weeks to prepare for the big race.


    2. Keep it Consistent

      As you start your training program, keep in mind that not every run will break your record and that is okay! Your 10K results will be the average of your good and bad days. If you're having a tough day, slow down and push yourself to get through it. While good workouts build your confidence, the tough runs challenge you to develop mental stamina.  


    3. Work on Endurance

      Progressing from a 5K in NJ to the 10K is challenging and as you learn how to run longer, you need to build endurance. A great way to do this is to invest one running workout each week and slowly add a half-mile to your longest record.


    4. Take it Easy

      In order to build the strength to run farther and reach your goal distance, you’re going to have to start slow and take it easy during the majority of your runs. As you reach your goals and complete more of your training program, you can push yourself to hit longer distances.  When your workout program includes easy run days, try to keep a pace where you can easily talk. Running easy runs will help you work your way up to a stronger, faster or longer distance run.


    1. Up Your Pace

      After reading tip #4, this might seem a little contradictory, but in order to run faster, you need to train faster. The key is to dedicate one workout each week to sprints. These should be one to two minutes each. Add to your routine each week until you’ve hit your goals. Try warming up first by walking five minutes, running 10 minutes at your easy pace and then sprinting for two-minute intervals at a hard-level of effort.


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