• NJ Youth Hockey Program

    Jersey City’s Great New Program

    In 2003 business partners Keith Veltre and Dennis Ruppe brought NJ youth hockey to the kids of Newark through a nonprofit organization they formed called Hockey in Newark. Now, 13 years later, the duo is back and bringing free hockey lessons to the children of Jersey City as part of their newest program, Hockey in New Jersey-Jersey City.


    Working with Jersey City's Department of Recreation and the NHL New Jersey Devils, Veltre and Ruppe's program will give Jersey City children the chance to try out the sport completely cost free. Kids who are interested in trying hockey will be fully outfitted with equipment and given free on-ice lessons twice a week at Pershing Field. While lessons will run from February 13th to March 28th, children are welcome to join the NJ youth hockey program at any time.


    Ruppe told reporters, "We had the opportunity to play Hockey, but it is very expensive, just to even try it. You can't just walk out, go on a basketball court and try it for free. Ice hockey is something that takes a lot of money. I think once you give it to them it sells itself, and it's one of those sports that's nonstop, it's fast paced, and that's what these kids love.”


    Famous New Jersey Devil’s goalie, Martin Brodeur, was rink side with Veltre and Ruppe when dozens of local kids took to the ice for a special clinic on February 8th. Brodeur said, "Hockey has great values. To be part of a team, there's skills involved, and it's hard. But it's really rewarding to be a hockey player... So for kids that never had the chance to try, now they get on it and the next thing you know they could be the future Wayne Gretzky out there, who knows?"


    Know a child who might be interested in the NJ youth hockey program? Hockey in New Jersey-Jersey City is free for boys and girls ages 6 to 18. Registration is available at the Charlie Heger Rink at Pershing Field from 4 to 6:30PM. On-ice instruction and games will be held on Mondays and Saturdays.


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