• Jersey City sports teams play stickball.

    Jersey City Sports: Stickball Pastime Revived with a Tournament

    Stickball, an old, inner-city favorite made a major comeback this year when six teams competed in The Jersey City Annual Stickball Tournament. This year’s competition took place on Christopher Columbus Dr., between Grove and Barrow Streets, on Sunday, August 9, 2015. Nothing says summer like stickball!

    The tournament was first created in 1991 and ran for 10 years. After the tragedy of September 11th though, the Jersey City community tradition stopped. This year, three longtime players, Frank Castellano, Pete Carrion, and George Vega, helped bring it back. 

    The turnout was shocking, with families and supporters lining the streets to cheer on their respective Jersey City sports teams while players whacked the Spaulding ball with their broom handles. Also in attendance was Councilman Daniel Rivera, one of the event sponsors, who said, “It's great to see there are people here with three generations."

    Traditionally, parked cars lining the neighborhood streets would serve as bases during stickball games. But, for the tournament’s revival, car-bases were swapped out for marks on the street made by sidewalk chalk to protect the players and vehicles.

    So who got in on the fun? Teams representing New Jersey included The Jersey City Fire Department, The Jersey City Police Department and The Saints, while El Barrio, The Ravens and Harlem Boys represented New York in a classic NJ v. NY tournament. 

    These local NJ events are what make living in Jersey City so special. Jersey City residents welcomed back this classic summer tradition with open arms!

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