• Jersey City Through the Lens of Instagram

    We always knew that Jersey City was photogenic, but the proof is in the pictures! Take a quick scroll through Instagram and you will find beautiful skyline views, street art murals and Jersey City residents enjoying the final moments of this warm fall weather at these New Jersey attractions. We’d even go as far to say that Jersey City is #Instafamous! Check out the pictures to decide for yourself.

    Jersey City City Hall

    This unique view of Jersey City City Hall was taken by @views_of_the_hudson. He loves the details of the architecture that this angle provided – and so do we! 


    View from Exchange Place

    @btasso1 works in the Financial District of Jersey City, Exchange Place, known as “Wall Street West,” where he is able to enjoy the city skyline and the Katyn Memorial on his way to work each day. Exchange Place is a beautiful spot to take a walk along the Hudson River, enjoy a nice meal or stop by The Museum of Contemporary Russian Art (MoCRA).



     Skyline from SIT

    @A_Morrrison snapped this gorgeous sunset photo of the NYC skyline from the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken. Yellow sunsets look good on you, Lower Manhattan!



    Jersey City Skyline

    We fell in love with this sparkling view of the Jersey City skyline! @mrtroybenson took this photo from the World Financial Center in Battery Park, Manhattan, where he has the perfect view of Chill Town.



    Fall Florals

     Residents living in Jersey City are still enjoying pink and white flowers that adorn the trees until the first snow appears. @laurizzle1 was near Banyan café when she snapped this spring-like photo this fall. 



    Street Art

    Even those who don’t live in the United States like to stop and enjoy the beauty of Jersey City! @greencorn82 spends his days traveling the world and was spending the day in our beloved Jersey City when he took this shot of a creative street mural! 



     For even more stunning pictures of New Jersey attractions taken by individuals visiting and living in New Jersey, check out some of the other articles on our site!