• Jersey City Business, Pass The Roc, Co-Hosts Local Festival

    Jarrod Greene, founder of the athletic apparel brand Pass The Roc, was looking to boost business when he found the perfect partnership opportunity in Jersey City. The result? On August 22nd the clothing entrepreneur and the City of Jersey City hosted a phenomenal multicultural festival in Audubon Park in the up-and-coming Greenville neighborhood of Jersey City. 

    It’s no coincidence that the festival took place in Greenville: it’s where Pass The Roc got its start.

    The apparel brand was conceptualized in Jersey City in 2003 and made its national debut shortly after. The Jersey City business became a quick success and within a year of its launch, the clothing line was being sold in over 400 stores across the country.

    Speaking to the small business’ successful start, Greene said, "We (also) secured distribution deals for the brand in Europe and in Spain. We had another distribution deal in Canada. For two years, Pass The Roc made $5 million in business, which was relatively small, but an accomplishment."

    After taking a nine-year reprieve from the company for personal reasons, Greene came back ready to move full steam ahead. Greene wanted to return to his roots by give back to the Jersey City community, commenting: "With the community being riddled with violence, it's a great time to bring everyone together. Jersey City, even though it's diverse, it's segregated. We did our first event there (Greenville) in 1999. I thought it be great to go back to my start.

    When Greene pitched the idea of a joint festival to the Jersey City Department of Recreation they enthusiastically jumped on board! Director of Recreation Ryan Strother said in a press release, “Jarrod (Greene) and I grew up on Myrtle Ave in Jersey City. We understand the needs of our youth and families here. This event with (the Department of) Recreation and Pass The Roc is a great happening for Jersey City."

    The Jersey City event wasn’t all self-promotional either. While the festival did give a nod to the brand’s new line of women’s clothing, there were also local food and vendors present. In an interview prior to the festival Greene said, "We have some folks coming in doing empanadas, Spanish food and Indian food. Having that diversity in food is important right now.”

    Also at the festival was a double-dutch jump-rope contest, a health fair, a 3-on-3 basketball tournament and a chess station. For more information about this year’s event, visit: http://www.thepasstheroccommunityfestival.com/.

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