• Activities in NJ for Jersey City Moms

    Activities in NJ: Fun for Stay at Home Moms

    Being a mom is a tough full-time job. It’s important that moms take some time for themselves every day, too—they deserve it after all! If you’re a stay at home mom living in Jersey City, or the surrounding New Jersey area, there are plenty of fun things to try. We’ve pulled together a list of five activities in NJ that are great for Jersey City moms. Take a look and make a plan to get out there and have some fun!

    1.     Volunteer: There are countless charities in Jersey City and Hudson County that need volunteers. Feel good about yourself by helping others, animals or the environment for even just a few hours a week. Visit websites like www.volunteermatch.org or www.greatnonprofits.org, change your location to Jersey City and watch the charities that need your help populate!  At the time of writing this, Volunteer Match listed 2,494 volunteer opportunities near Jersey City, NJ!  

    2.     Spa day: This one’s a given. Treat yourself to a day at the spa and relax while your toes soak in a pedicure bath or indulge in a hot stone massage. Check out our post about the best spas in Jersey City to find out which one is right for you! (hyperlink to post)

    3.     Painting class: Take finger painting to the next level by signing up for a painting workshop at the Jersey City Arts School! They offer one-time workshops, 8-week and 4-week classes, so if you like it you might consider making it a weekly thing!

    4.     Join a group: Want to meet other Jersey City moms in the area? Try joining a group like Newport Mommy in Jersey City. This group in particular has over 2,000 members and will keep you up to date on all the activities in NJ that you should attend! 

    5.     Take a walk: If you’re ever stuck wondering what to do in Jersey City, this is by far the simplest (and sometimes most enjoyable!) way to take some time for yourself. Enjoy the views of New York City from the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway while you go for a stroll. Clear your mind and take in the fresh air as you walk down the 18.5 mile boardwalk. It stretches from Hudson to Bergen County… so it’s never too far from where you live!

    There’s no reason to wonder what to do in Jersey City as a stay at home mom! There are plenty of activities in NJ for Jersey City moms to enjoy every day. We hope you try and enjoy these five activities in NJ!

    Looking for other things to do in Jersey City? Check out our local events in NJ page for information on upcoming events to attend with friends or family!