• Goya announces their headquarter move to Jersey City.

    Food Giant Goya Moves Headquarters to Jersey City

    It’s official! Goya has joined the tidal wave of becoming a Jersey City business. On Wednesday, April 29th Goya’s move from Secaucus to Chilltown was celebrated with an extravagant ribbon-cutting ceremony featuring Governor Chris Christie, Mayor Steven Fulop and the Weehawken High School marching band.

    Goya’s new $127 million corporate headquarters is located in a 660,000-square-foot building on Country Road in Jersey City’s industrial area. Goya’s former headquarters in Secaucus will continue to be a Goya-run facility. The company has plans to turn that building into a center for production. 

    Goya made its decision to move to Jersey City when the state of New Jersey awarded the company $82 million in tax credits over the next 10 years. Jersey City also gave Goya an additional tax abatement of $8 million, which will be extended for 20 years. 

    Addressing these controversial tax breaks, Governor Christie said, "One of the things that you can't quantify but that I know has extraordinary value is the contribution that's made by Goya and its employees every day to the fabric of our society here in New Jersey."

    Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop chimed in with his thoughts as well, “It's good to have them here. We are a city with a history of immigrants, and I think having the largest Latino food processor in the country headquartered here speaks to our roots and our proud future. We're excited."

    Goya officials also announced that the new headquarters will be 100 percent powered by solar energy, thanks to 1,200 solar panels that are being installed on the building’s roof. 

    We love that the company is adding to Jersey City’s efforts to go green!  Welcome to the Jersey City community, Goya!

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