• Looking for great tasting gluten-free beer in Jersey City? Departed Soles Brewing Company has the answer!

    New Jersey Business Spotlight – Departed Soles Brewing Company

    New Jersey’s first gluten-free brewery is coming to the Powerhouse Arts District of Jersey City!  The area’s newest addition will be called ‘Departed Soles Brewing Company’ in honor of owner Brian Kulbacki’s best friend, Chris Lord.


    Lord passed away in a tragic car accident in 2010 while driving from his primary job as a teacher to his secondary job as a server at a local restaurant. Lord grew up with celiac disease and spent a lot of time with Kulbacki attempting to make a gluten-free beer with a flavor that’s on par with traditional beer. 


    After the accident, Kulbacki was devastated. He recalled: "I was very rattled and fell off course. My family had to pull me aside and say, 'What can we do to get your life back on track?' And I figured out that the best way to honor his memory and also move on, or cope, would be to revive a dream we had."


    Years ago, one of Kulbacki and Lord’s favorite pastimes was trying out gluten-free beer that was already on the market. Needless to say, the duo was not impressed! Kulbacki commented: "Chris (Lord) and I wanted to make good gluten-free beers because everything that was available was pretty awful. You shouldn't have to drink a bad beer just because of your diagnosis and you should be able to buy a 12-pack for everyone to share instead of having one person drinking something else."


    Now, with the help of a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, Kulbacki can make their dream a reality right in Jersey City. He raised $20,987 to open a gluten-free brewery where locals can learn about the brewing process and try sorgum-based beers. Customers can also take a tour, purchase pint glasses at the bar or buy cans to take home.


    Restaurant owners, consumers and everyone we talk to is excited about having a gluten-free beer on the market. "Maybe you're not gluten-free, but your boyfriend or friend is. Now, you can both come and have something you'll both enjoy," Kulbacki stated.


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