• Jersey City locals and friends start a clothing and accessories line called Chilltown.

    Rep Jersey City by Wearing Chilltown Collective’s New Clothing Line

    In 2009 Jason Morgan, Sammy Phan and Lovelisa and Marc Vallecer founded a Jersey City cycling group that quickly gained popularity, growing to over 50 members. This year, the same group of friends is pursuing another venture by creating a lifestyle brand of apparel and accessories that represents the diverse makeup of the Jersey City community.

    The name of the brand, Chilltown Collective, was created to honor New Jersey’s second largest city and was inspired by Jersey City’s old-school “Chilltown” nickname. Morgan commented, "With our community changing and growing — especially downtown — we want to educate people and raise awareness on the significance of Jersey City and embrace its eminence." 

    On Saturday, June 13th, the brand launched its first collection, ‘Know Your Roots,’ at Porta restaurant in Jersey City.  Phan said, "Know Your Roots is meant to convey the idea of growing up with less and doing more with it.”

    People have been quick to get behind the brand, including Newark-born rapper Redman who posted a photo of himself wearing a “Chilltown” beanie on Instagram. 

    Commenting on all the support they’ve received, Phan added, "I feel like people are gravitating toward the brand because we're not just selling a product, we're establishing and exposing a true urban culture. The apparel reflects this culture and movement we are trying to unveil."

    T-shirts ranging in price from $25 to $40, accessories from $3 to $12 and beanies for $22 are sold online at www.chilltowncollective.com.

    Get yours now -- they’re selling out quick!

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    Jersey City residents start clothing and accessories line Chilltown.