• Energy Saving Tips for Small Businesses this Summer

    It’s been a HOT few weeks to say the least. Are you a small business owner in Jersey City looking to save energy (and reduce your electricity bills) as the high temperatures continue this summer?

    We scoured the internet and spoke with local Jersey City business owners to compile the following tips that will help you maintain a more energy efficient organization in 2015.

    1.     Baby Your A/C: Tune up your air-conditioning (HVAC) systems with annual maintenance to ensure maximum efficiency. Also be sure to change the filters every month during peak seasons, specifically the dog days of summer! Even top-of-the-line systems, like this ENERGY STAR qualified HVAC system, will fail without proper care. Additionally, try using fans and light-blocking curtains to control direct sunlight to maintain comfortable temperatures and save on air conditioning costs. These tips will help cut back on using your AC and lower your electricity bills, saving you money in the long run!

    2.     Power Down Your Tech: Implement an ‘all computers off’ policy for your employees. Computers left on ‘sleep’ mode instead of being shut down use up to 249.6 kilowatts of energy a year, according to Mr. Electricity. That extra wattage translates to high and unnecessary energy bills! Likewise, switch off power strips before you leave for the day, too.

    3.     Be Careful with Your Watercooler: Energy Star, a joint initiative between the EPA and the Department of Energy, suggests small businesses purchase more efficient water coolers. While keeping employees hydrated is important, hot and cold water coolers consume more energy than your average size refrigerator! Experts advise swapping out your out-of-date appliances for newer, more energy efficient ones like the Energy Star brand ones we found, here.

    4.     Watch the Lights: Replace old-school, incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps, which last longer and require 75% less energy to operate.  If possible, use as much natural light in your office as you can to help reduce electricity bills instead. Another suggestion: install dimmers and motion sensors that automatically turn lights off when no one’s in the room.

    5.     Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Take used office paper, ink cartridges, old computers, phones and containers to nearby recycling centers that will dispose of them properly. You can find one near your office, here: http://www.recyclingcenters.org/. Also, reduce paper towel usage (and some expenses) by installing hand dryers. This switch can save up to 90% in operation costs!

    Want some more great Jersey City business tips and news? Keep up-to-date with all the small business news and events in Jersey City. We hope you find these tips helpful! Happy summer and happy saving J