• Help your business thrive with these top 5 tips for small businesses in Jersey City.

    Top 5 Tips for Small Businesses in Jersey City

    Our recent post about Mayor Fulop’s proposal to limit chain stores in Jersey City inspired us to support mom-and-pop shops however we can! So, after speaking with small business owners in Jersey City and scouring the internet, we’ve put together our favorite tips to help small businesses in Jersey City thrive:

    1.     Community: Embrace other local businesses and charities. According to SixDegrees.org’s research, 83% of customers want to buy products that benefit a cause. Combine your business with a charity of choice to help gain customer trust, while increasing sales at the same time. Also consider joining local professional organizations like your Chamber of Commerce or Downtown Business Association. These organizations make important decisions that could impact your business and they facilitate conversations that owners should be a part of.

    2.     Customer Service: Kirt Manecke, customer service expert and author of “Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service,” recommends treating customers like guests in your home. Even with customers who aren’t paying attention, are in a hurry or look unfriendly, it’s important for a small business owner to always show they and their staff cares. Small business owners who go out of their way to remember the names of their regulars will create a strong following in the long run. 

    3.     Utilize E-commerce: The chief platform officer at Shopify.com, Harley Finkelstein said, “The future of e-commerce belongs to small businesses. This is the biggest opportunity for retailers since farmer’s markets began hundreds of years ago.” If tech isn’t your strength, that doesn’t mean you’ll miss the boat on this either. Consider uploading a job posting on your local university’s career website; many computer science majors have the necessary skills to help you and will charge cheap rates for their services!

    4.     Hiring: In a position to expand your team? Forbes recommended offering incentives to your current team members.  By implementing a referral program, your staff is more likely to help mine for employees that they believe are a good fit for the company and who they’d enjoy working with.  LinkedIn is another resource for scouting talent with the right amount of experience. Profiles on the site also give you a snapshot of what the person’s resume looks like before you waste precious time on an interview!

    5.     Social Media: No matter what stage your business is in it’s never too late or too early to join the social media conversation.  Laurie McCabe, Partner at SMB Group said, “There are a lot of networks, but you don’t have to be on all of them. Be where your customers are…and communicate with them there.” For example, if your business is very image based, consider Instagram. If you plan to share shorter, more frequent updates with your customers, Twitter might be a better fit. Is your small business the local expert on something? Try starting a blog.  Whichever you choose, remember to remain consistent and most importantly keep your tone human!

    Hopefully these tips and tricks help Jersey City’s small business owners! We love our thriving community of mom-and-pop shops J

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