• Mayor Fulop poses with girlfriend in Jersey City.

    Mayor Fulop Makes Moves to Jersey City Heights

    Roll out the welcome mat for Jersey City Heights’ newest homeowner, Mayor Steven Fulop! On July 13, 2015, Fulop and his girlfriend, Jaclyn Thompson, closed on a single-family home on Ogden Avenue.

    Jersey City’s 38-year-old mayor made the three-mile move north from Downtown Jersey City to the Heights to fulfill his desire to live on a quieter, more family-friendly street. The mayor’s new neighbor, Jim Kanze, 67, called Ogden Avenue “The Jewel of the Heights.”

    The three-bedroom home features three back decks that overlook the New York City skyline, one of our favorite things about Jersey City!

    After being elected in 2013, Fulop declared he would move to the city’s troubled Bergen-Lafayette neighborhood, an area where he struggled in the polls. But, Fulop could no longer follow that plan because he "…fell in love with it [the house]" as he told reporters, later adding, “I think the goal was ultimately to buy a house in Jersey City and I found a specific house I love."

    It’s hard to compete with matters of the heart (or those great views)! And, we know one thing for sure: no matter where he lives, Mayor Fulop loves all of Jersey City.

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