• Citi Bike Jersey City bike share program

    Citi Bike Jersey City: Rolling out a Jersey City Bike Share Program

    Monday, September 21st marked the official launch of the Jersey City bike share program that Mayor Steven Fulop has been trying to bring to the city for the last two years. This summer we reported the plans for the Citi Bike Jersey City partnership, which involves 350 bikes at 35 stations throughout Jersey City, and now we’re happy to say it’s finally here!

    An annual membership for the Jersey City bike share program costs $149 and includes access to all of New York City’s bikes as well as the ones in Jersey City.  Members have unlimited access to bikes for up to 45 minutes and can return them to any dock in the area.

    To accommodate the new Citi Bike Jersey City program, 25 miles of new bike lanes were added in the city, though cyclists are still cautioned to ride safely.

    In a report, Fulop said, I think at the end of the day, common sense rules, you know? If you see a car coming, the car’s bigger than the biker, so you probably want to let the car have the right-of-way ultimately.”

    Check out NJTV’s in-depth report of the new program, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5vz-yMmLo0

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