• The 6th annual Jersey City Ward Tour and Festival riders pose for picture.

    Thousands Cycle Through Jersey City on Bike Tour

    Almost 2,000 cyclists participated in Bike JC’s 6th Annual Jersey City Ward Tour and Festival on Sunday, June 7th. The 15-mile ride started and finished at Exchange Place and took riders on a loop through all six sections of Jersey City.  

    According to Bike JC president Chris Englese, 2,000 riders signed up before the 11AM start time, which is a massive increase compared to last year’s 1,200 participants.  Englese commented, "I would have never imagined the cycling community [in Jersey City] would become what it is today.”

    26-year-old Ayla Schermer of Jersey City said the tour was a great way to see the entire city since she doesn't have a car. Schermer commented, "It was so cool to see other areas of Jersey City." Her riding partner, Gail Cassidy, 61, from Pittsgrove, NJ agreed, saying, "I wanted to do it to see all of Jersey City on a bike.”

    Following the race, participants were greeted with live music, complimentary massages, food trucks, activities for children, non-profit informational tents and an ever-popular beer tent.

    Bike JC is a well-known public advocate for safer and smarter streets in Jersey City. According to its website: “Bike JC is a citizen-based advocacy organization that aims to make Jersey City streets safe and welcoming for bicyclists by promoting traffic law enforcement, bicycle lane creation, additional bicycle rack placement, education, and group rides.”  

    Congrats on another successful event, Bike JC!

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