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    How to Find the Best Pediatricians in NJ

    Many parents struggle with finding the best pediatricians in NJ and long to find the proper care for their child. Are you new to the New Jersey area, recently had a baby or just looking to change pediatricians for your child? We’re going to make it easy by breaking down the process of finding the best pediatrician for your family in New Jersey!


    Step one: Visit your health insurance provider’s website.

    The best place to start is by creating a personalized account on your health insurer’s website. Once on the site, look for a tab or link provided to help you find a doctor. Input important information like your zip code and personal preferences to help find the best results for you. When doing this, keep in mind where you’d like your pediatrician located, too. For example, would it be easier to take your child to a doctor closer to their daycare or your work?


    Step two: Call your health insurance provider.

    While the internet is a great place to start, you shouldn’t rely on just your insurance website or Google searches. After finding a few NJ physician profiles and pediatricians’ contact numbers online, be sure to call and make sure this doctor is still accepting your insurance coverage and provides the services you desire.


    Step three: Review your ideal list of pediatricians.

    Now that you’ve found a few doctors that are in convenient locations and accept your coverage, make a list of your top five choices of the best pediatricians in NJ. Next, turn to your favorite review website to read up on what others have to say about their experiences with each pediatrician. Our favorite sites to reference are HealthGrades, ZocDoc and Yelp!. Keep in mind that reviews are often made when someone feels an extreme emotion, whether it’s happiness, anger or frustration. So, as you sort through comments to find the information that’s most important to you, try your best to not be overly swayed by one, two or even three over-the-top reviews.


    Step four: Call and make an appointment.

    When calling doctor’s offices to make an appointment, be sure to ask if they’re accepting new patients; some doctors are overbooked and might not be taking on new clients. After finalizing your child’s appointment date and time, make a note of the name, phone number and address, including suite number and floor, in an easy to locate place (or even on your digital calendar!). This will minimize day-of stress and ensure that you and your child make it to your appointment on time.


    We have plenty of advice and tips for parents living in Jersey City! Check back regularly for updated parenting tips as well as suggestions for local events in NJ to enjoy with your kids!