• Jersey City History: Now and Then

    Jersey City has seen its fair share of changes over the years. Like most of us, you probably have your go-to places: your bagel shop, your coffee shop, your lunch spot…but could you imagine that same place 20, 30 or even 100 years ago? We dove into Jersey City history and took a look at a few of our favorite spots and found photos of how they used to look.   

    Razza, known for yummy wood-over pizza, and Tia’s Place, a trendy boutique, are Jersey City retail favorites on the corner of Grove Street between Montgomery and Mercer Streets. We found a photo taken by Ted Esposito in 1975 show is that Razza used to be boarded up building. One thing does remain the same, though—bike riding is still a major mode of transportation in Jersey City! 

    The Loew’s Jersey Theatre opened in September 1929 and operated until its closing in August 1986, when it showed its final movie: Friday the 13th Part VI. Today, the theatre is recognized as a historic landmark and is owned by the city of Jersey City. The establishment is often used for fundraisers or as wedding venues. 

    Jersey City is home to the famous Colgate Clock, located on the Hudson River Waterfront. Did you know that it was originally located on top of a factory building at Exchange Place? Check out the picture on the left for proof! The clock you are familiar with today may have been built in 1924, but it’s taken on a modern life of its own along the shimmering waterfront where it stands proudly in 2016.


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